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Celebrating World Oceans Day on June 8th - and Every Day!

Celebrating World Oceans Day on June 8th - and Every Day!

Contributing to the conservation and protection of our precious beaches is a big part of why we do what we do. We donate 5% of every sale to the Surfrider Foundation because we want every trip to our Beach State of Mind to be both serene & beautiful AND responsible & helpful! But we also love calling attention to other amazing organizations making a difference for our waters and the essential ecosystems throughout.

For the past 30 years, World Oceans Day has been advocating for the protection of the world’s waters, which is pretty cool! We also love that the annual worldwide events on June 8th are driven by their Youth Advisory Council - very cool! Check out the World Ocean Day website to find an IRL event near you, take action on their #30x30 campaign, and download images from their social media toolkit so you can spread the word on your own feeds. 

Beach State was founded to share the beachy lifestyle of Southern California. And, sure, that means blissed-out vibes, adventure-seeking travel, gorgeous views, and all of that wonderful stuff! But it also means spending our hard-earned dollars mindfully with companies that really care about sustaining our planet’s biodiversity. It’s our pleasure to partner with Surfrider and to shout out the organizations doing great work in this space. So, whether you’re planning a picnic or a clean-up event, we’ll see you at the beach! We’ll be the ones under that especially gorge umbrella…