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10 tips to help make your beach umbrella last

Sun, Surf & Sand – a day at the beach can be pure bliss – heck, that’s why we created Beach State to begin with. With all the fun to be had, your beach umbrella is a bastion against the sun's scorching heat and harmful UV rays. Acquiring good quality beach gear and ensuring its longevity is becoming and a total flex moment. That’s why we pulled together 10 tips to help you prolong the life of your beach umbrella, ensuring you can enjoy its shade for many summers to come - that’s where sustainability starts.

1. Invest in Quality: Quality pays off in the long run. Opt for a beach umbrella made of UV-resistant and water-repellent fabric like polyester. A pole and ribs made of rust-resistant materials can endure the salty beach environment better. Don’t worry here at Beach State we understand quality AND gram worthy designs are essential. 

two girls at beach with fringed beach umbrella

2. Regular Cleaning: Keep your umbrella clean. Shake off the sand after every use, and occasionally clean it with a solution of mild soap and warm water. Thoroughly rinse and air dry before storing.

3. Wise Use: Use your umbrella wisely. Close it when the wind is strong to prevent any damage to the pole or ribs (and frankly to you or other people at the beach!). Avoid using it in adverse weather conditions, which can shorten its lifespan. When not in use, close it down and put it away. Some folks love to use these as patio umbrellas, but baking in the sun everyday will make the color fade and can cause damage.

girl holding closed beach umbrella

4. Proper Setup: Always ensure that the umbrella is securely anchored into the sand to prevent it from being blown away by wind. We highly recommend using a beach umbrella sand anchor - we know it’s not as pretty but safety for you and others is always a win.

girl setting up umbrella with sand anchor on the beach

5. Use a Protective Cover: When not in use, protect your beach umbrella with a cover. Our Summerland Beach Umbrellas come in a carry bag that’s perfect for storage. This can shield it from dust, moisture, and direct sunlight, which can cause the fabric and hardware to fade and weaken over time.

two girls at the beach with an umbrella in a bag

6. Correct Handling: Treat your umbrella with care. Avoid forceful opening or closing as it may damage the frame. When opening or adjusting the tilt or position, make sure the umbrella top is facing into the wind - you always want to prevent potential harm to the pole and hardware and risk it being ripped out and a danger to people.

girl at beach closing umbrella

7. Appropriate Storage: Always store your beach umbrella in a dry and cool place. Keep it away from harsh elements when not in use. Moist and hot conditions can result in damaged parts, rust and mold.

8. Limit Sun Exposure: Just like you, your umbrella is sensitive to too much sun. While designed to withstand sunlight, long periods of sun exposure can cause the fabric's color to fade and weaken the material. When you're not using the umbrella, close it or take it down. 

group of girls at the beach with an umbrella and blanket

9. Regular Inspections: Routinely inspect your beach umbrella for signs of wear and tear. Addressing minor issues like a loose screw or a tiny tear in the fabric early on can prevent them from turning into larger, more costly problems.

beach umbrella with fringe

10. Timely Repairs: If your beach umbrella gets damaged, consider if it can be repaired instead of replaced. Beach State stands behind it’s gear - reach out to our customer service team to get help if you have any issues. We can send replacement parts and instructions or send a replacement. Issues such as torn fabric can be usually be fixed as well, extending the umbrella's life and helping us keep waste out of landfills.

A beach umbrella is not just a purchase; it's an investment. By following these tips, you can ensure that your investment yields returns over many years and many beach adventures. So, here's to a long-lasting beach essentials and countless memories in the sun! Get out there and Discover your Beach State of Mind!